Janet and Horace like to read together. But for this journey, he doesn't get an opinion!
Janet and Horace like to read together and blog together.

Life takes you funny places, when you least expect it. I thought I had a future in blogging and possibly turning an interesting  blog concept into a small stream of income. But when life got in the way in the spring of 2016, I had to abandon the blog for a period of time.

When life made some room for me to turn my attention back to my blog, I found that technology overtook my blog and I couldn’t get it back exactly as I had it. Yes, I cursed and cried and made a dozen phone calls. But my behavior didn’t make a difference. The only thing that would bring my blog back to where I wanted it would have been learning a new skill set.

I talked to myself for two months straight. Did I have it in me? Did I want it bad enough? Was it going to make a difference in my life if I did it? I decided the answers came in a perfect tri-fecta. No, no and no.

With deep regret, I have decided to abandon this blog. Sometimes I get an extreme urge to write what I see and what I am experiencing. When that happens, I squiggle and worm until I can open the floodgates in my head and write it all down. When traveling in the winter of 2016, I received many favorable comments from folks saying they liked reading about my adventures and they liked my writing. I will continue to write when I need to and will share my thoughts via facebook. Although cringing at the thought, let’s face it, f.b. is how we share news and spread the word in this era. Who am I to deny it?

As for my best little buddy Horace, he has agreed to follow me and do the same. His facebook page is super popular and he will continue to update posts there when he gets a chance.


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